QCUBE was founded in 2018 with an investment goal of delivering a long-term and sustainable return to our investors. We aim to use a balanced combination of quantitative trading, machine learning, and fundamental approach to profit in investment. Our strategies are backed by in-depth research in economics, behavioral finance, data, and technology. At the same time, we strive to communicate our understanding of the market with you and help you make informed investment decisions.

Team Members


Zichen Wang

Zichen Wang

Founder & CEO

Zichen Wang graduated from University of Southern California majored in Industrial and Systems Engineering and minored in Accounting. He worked at EY as a Performance Improvement (Technology) Consultant from July 2016 to December 2017.

In March 2018, he has founded QCUBE LLC. to apply quantitative methods to make informed investment decisions in Equity Market.

Chief Investment Analyst

Hang Hang

Chief Investment Officer

Hang is a co-funder and Chief Investment Officer at QCUBE. She develops quantitative investment strategies and monitors the performance of the portfolios. She has implemented Betting Against Beta strategy and is working on research of behavioral finance related strategies.

Prior to joining QCUBE, Hang interned at MotoLease focusing on financial data analysis. Hang received a Master of Financial Engineering from Anderson School of Management at University of California, Los Angeles in 2018, and a B.S. in Business Administration from Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California in 2017. She is also pursuing CFA designation.


 Chief Technology Analyst

Liyang Yu

Chief Technology Analyst

Liyang is a co-funder and Chief Technology Analyst at QCUBE. He focuses on market data processing and applies these data for machine learning algorithm.

Liyang graduated from University of California, San Diego majored in Electrical Engineering, and he mainly focuses on computer system design. Prior to joining QCube, he interned in Cubic Transportation system in San Diego working on development of real-time passenger detection system.